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Glass Ceiling (1971)

Country: ,
Actor: Carmen Sevilla,Dean Selmier,Patty Shepard,Fernando Cebrián,Emma Cohen,Encarna Paso,Rafael Hernández,Javier De Campos,Patricia Cealot,Hugo Blanco
Director: Eloy de la Iglesia,José Luis Ruiz Marcos
Writer: Eloy de la Iglesia,Antonio Fos
Runtime: N/A
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A housewife is frequently left alone by her husband in their apartment, as his business requires him to travel. The woman who lives upstairs is also minus her husband, but Sevilla begins to catch occasional lies and half-truths from her upstairs neighbor, which leads Sevilla to think that Shepard has murdered her husband. Sevilla can't quite keep her mouth shut about the matter, however, and despite the fact that her friends think her imagination is running wild, she does not really begin to suspect the danger until it is too late